What People Say


Lara Sifren – Moderator:

I am an external supplier and have had the pleasure of working with Chantal Ford for a number of years and witness her commitment to her career and overall efficiency.
Our Qualitative Research industry is a high stress industry that requires detailed project management and coordination skills in order for projects to run smoothly. I am exposed to the fieldwork element of Chantal’s projects and I am impressed by Chantal’s thorough approach to the running of this aspect within a pressurised project process.
Bookings of the project team and project requirements are made efficiently with regular updates as to changes along the way. Usually, all that is required is arranged by the time the team arrives at the venue making our part of the process less stressful and more efficient.

Deirdre Lubbe – Clinical Psychologist and Market Research Specialist:

Chantal has managed field on a number of projects that I have worked on. She was efficient, had great attention to detail and a high level of competence in ensuring that the projects were completed successfully in the required deadlines. I would like to add that she is a warm, friendly and great person to work with on a personal level.

Sue-Ellen Hoffman – Insight Specialist/Consultant:

I have worked with Chantal Ford in the capacity of Field Manager/co-ordinator at TNS global Research for the past year. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She truly has a deep understanding of the research Field business and intuitively knows what clients, respondents and suppliers need! She is meticulous in what she does and has an amazing ability to juggle many things at once – and never seems to miss a ball! She has a very endearing manner with respondents. This critically sets the right tone in order for her clients/teams to work with the consumers during the insight work. She has a passion for her work and this shines through. She is in tune with research trends and has a desire to make a difference to the industry – by providing the right infrastructure, IT etc. and much needed service in order for insighters to deliver rich, real and relevant insight. .